Enstar strengthens its finance function

Nathalie Maurin, Accounting Economics, Enstar AB

Enstar strengthens the finance function and recruits Nathalie Maurin as Accounting Economist. The company is under strong growth and in need of further quality assurance of the current economy.

Nathalie has previous background and experience of working as an economist in the real estate industry but also for housing associations, which are the Company's two largest customer segments.

-Why did you choose to work at Enstar?

"I immediately felt that Enstar was a company I wanted to work for. An innovative and exciting company! says Nathalie Maurin, Accounting Economist, Enstar AB"

-What is the best thing about Enstar?

"The community and family atmosphere among employees and managers, says Nathalie"

The finance department is in a digitalization process to streamline the financial process flows. Ongoing implementation of a new financial system also means that the team needs to be strengthened, where Nathalie has an important role.

"I am very happy that Nathalie has joined our team. She will have an important role in our finance function where she will be responsible for our ongoing accounting and be involved in our digital development going forward. Nathalie's experience in the real estate industry means that she has exactly the competence we need, says Erik Gryte, Chief Financial Officer, Enstar AB."