Enstar's customer ByggVesta won the Student Housing Award 2021

Enstar was involved as a partner and carried out an energy contract for a new energy system using local renewable energy. Congratulations to ByggVesta for this award for Colonia II!

Jury statement

With its Colonia II project, ByggVesta has created student housing of varying size and design with great flexibility for both studies, socializing and activity in and around the home. The students' needs have been well considered and the result is shared and private spaces, both indoors and outdoors, that meet the students' needs and challenges. The project's sustainability approach can be seen in everything from low energy consumption to sharing functions and clear meeting places. All this can be found in a university-related experience where an already existing student housing area has been given new vitality through more neighbors, new common areas and increased service opportunities. The students have been involved from the idea to being part of the management that safeguards the social aspect.