Change the future
with Ferla

The name is new, but the goal is the same: to optimize the
and accelerate the green energy transition by
harnessing the full energy potential of buildings.

About the name Ferla

Since the start in 2004, we have come a long way in updating the real estate stock with new, smart and green energy solutions.


Annual energy savings


Accumulated energy savings


Reduced carbon emissions

Our projects

Ferla has completed more than 350 major energy projects in Sweden. We are very proud of this. Our expertise in renewable energy has given us the privilege of enhancing many properties.

We have helped our customers to increase their net operating income, save a lot of energy and, above all, reduce their environmental impact on a larger scale.

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Proactive partnership

We develop your building, improve the property by using renewable energy sources and manage your new, smart energy system.

We work with you all the way; from development, to implementation, to monitoring via the operations centre and ongoing service. This allows us to be a unique partner in the property industry's green energy transition.


We tailor each energy saving project to each property's unique needs, working closely with our customers to create a greener building that is also profitable.


When we improve a building, we do so as a general contractor, and are responsible for the implementation of the project from start to finish - from installation to commissioning and fine-tuning.


To keep operational costs low, we offer management with monitoring, service and follow-up. This keeps the energy system optimised over time.

Genuine engagement provides sustainable solutions

Change the future with Ferla

We are the pioneers of the real estate industry's green energy transition, acting as a full-service provider for sustainable property development. Under the roof of Ferla, expertise and commitment come together. This means we can more easily create customised energy solutions that make the building more efficient, smarter and greener.

By reducing both CO2 emissions and costs, this type of investment always pays off - both for the planet and for the owner of the property.

Energy contracting

Since the start in 2004, Ferla has been a force for energy efficiency in Sweden and our core business has always been Energy Contracting - a term we are proud to have coined.

Our expertise and commitment make us unique. Our team of experienced energy engineers and project managers can tailor each project to meet the specific needs and conditions of each property. Installations are carried out by local contractors, giving us the flexibility to run projects across the entire country.

Our services

Energy management

Energy management is an important part of our business. It allows us to offer tailor-made and long-term solutions for property owners who want to take control of the energy performance of their buildings. Our expertise and wide-ranging skills make us a reliable and long-term partner for all types of properties.

To effectively manage all aspects of energy management, we have divided our business into three main areas: Aftermarket, Management Projects and Operations & Services. By combining our broad expertise with flexible solutions, we can tailor our services to each customer's unique needs. We take responsibility for the entire process, from analysis and planning to implementation and operation.

Our services